How to apply for “Cerrahpaşa Online Doctor” ?

You can consult with our doctors through Cerrahpaşa Online Doctor service in 3 simple steps from all over the world.


By clicking on "Get an Appointment"  button above or going to page you can choose a doctor and an appointment time from any department you wish after filling in your contact details (name, surname, phone number, e-mail, passport number).


After choosing a physician our appointment request system will forward you to the secure payment screen. Your appointment will be complete when the payment is done.

Uploading Reports-Results

Once the payment is complete, upload screen of the appointment request system will be accessible. Through this screen, you can upload the files you wish to share with your physician, such as radiological images, blood tests, or discharge reports.


Step by Step Online Doctor Consultation

What is Cerrahpaşa Online Doctor Service?

Cerrahpaşa Online Doctor ,

is a scientific opinion and consultation service for your health concerns that have been diagnosed and treated by a doctor through physical examination. During the video call, if your doctor deems necessary, he or she may refer you to a health institution for a physical examination, an additional test, or about the medications you use. Cerrahpaşa Online Doctor video calls are provided by Professors and Associate Professors of Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine.However, this consultation service with the faculty member is not a medical examination and its purpose is not to diagnose your disease or complaint, nor provide prescription or surgery appointment.


Making an Appointment

You can request an appointment from Make an Appointment  button. Through our online appointment screen, you can choose Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine members whom you can have video calls and take an appointment from the available dates and times.


Payment Process

This video conference with our academician is a scientific opinion/consultancy service and is fee charged. This service is not covered by the Republic of Turkey Social Security Institution (SGK) and private health insurances. When the payment is done, your appointment will be confirmed with an e-mail. All information provided during the appointment request process and payment process (Identification info, credit card etc.) is protected with SSL encryption.


Video Call Process

Online Doctor conferences are held via  Zoom Logo application. To ensure your security, a unique link is created for each call. A private link and access password for your meeting are provided via e-mail before the appointment day. Your video call link will be activated at the exact time of your appointment. The consultations are absolutely not recorded by Cerrahpaşa International. These interviews are based on confidentiality between patient and doctor, and are not shared with third parties.

System Requirements

Any smartphone with a front camera and with Android, IOS or Windows operating system; or a computer with audio and camera equipments and high-speed internet connection are sufficient for a conversation of good quality. You must have Windows Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers installed on your device. You should allow for microphone and camera access on your browser from the lock symbol located on the far left of the address bar.


During The Consultation

We kindly ask you to be ready for the call in a suitable environment 10 minutes before your appointment time. To ideally execute the consultation;
   • The camera of your device should stand on a stable surface, such as a table , and  show your face (If you don’t want your face to be seen, you can turn off your camera),
   • The light source such as window or lighting in the environment should be in front of you, not behind you,
   • The environment should be quiet.
We recommend you to have a piece of paper and a pen with you to take notes during the interview.


Situations Outside the Scope Of This Service

Online Doctor interviews is not suitable for emergencies. In situations such as life-threatening medical conditions, you should immediately call 112 emergency ambulance services.



   • No refunds is made within the scope of Cerrahpaşa Online Doctor service.
  • You will be deemed to have given up on your right to use the service if you aren’t present in the appointment time. In this case, no refunds can be made.